Well-baby Examination

Well-baby Examination

Well-baby exams are crucial to monitor your baby's growth and development and check for serious health issues. These regular checkups also enable you to forge a relationship with your baby's doctor.

A doctor will most likely recommend the first well-baby exam within three to five days after the child's birth. Further well-baby exams will be required every few weeks and later continued at regular intervals. The doctor might want more frequent checkups for some children. 

What is included in these Well Baby Exams?

  • Baby's Measurements:A well-baby exam customarily begins with measurements. The baby will have to be undressed and weighed on an infant scale. The baby's length will be measured by placing them on a flat surface and stretching their legs out. The head circumference of the baby will be measured with a special tape. Later the measurements will be plotted on a growth chart to create your baby's growth curve. All this data will help determine if your baby is growing normally compared with other children's growth of the same age. The physical exam includes the entire body checkup of a baby comprising the head, face, heart, lungs, skin, abdomen, etc., in order to detect any abnormalities.
  • Baby's Development:A baby's motor skills and development are vital too. The baby's development will be monitored based on a child's responses to various stimuli a baby encounters in their immediate environment. The doctor can pose a series of questions to the parents in order to decide that a baby is reaching the required developmental milestones. Some of the queries could include a baby's response to the sight and sounds, whether the baby is attempting to roll over etc.
  • Baby's Vaccinations:A baby will need various vaccines during well-baby visits, including vaccines to protect against hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, measles, mumps, chickenpox, and other diseases. The doctor will guide you on holding your baby and keeping them still while giving the vaccination injections.
  • Doctor's Consultation: During the appointment, your baby's doctor will most likely ask a couple of questions regarding the baby's progress. The doctor will ask specific questions related to your family's medical history and home life. The doctor might also talk over safety concerns, such as placing your baby to sleep on their backs and using a rear-facing infant car seat. Even though breast milk or formula will be the central part of your baby's diet during the first year, you can also ask about the ideal time to introduce solid foods.

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