Allergies are responses caused by the immune system as it reacts to environmental constituents that are generally harmless to most people. The allergic reactions may come about to a wide range of different elements such as pollen, dust mites, food, animals, insect stings, or medicines. These elements are known as allergens.

The body’s immune system fights to keep the body healthy by combating harmful pathogens. It does this by aggressively attacking the foreign substances if it thinks it could put your body in danger. The body’s response to the allergens may include symptoms like inflammation, sneezing, or other symptoms. Allergies are pretty common. Several treatments can help you fight your signs.

Is there any cure for allergies?

There is no such cure for allergies, but the symptoms can be managed by using a combination of prevention measures and medications and allergen immunotherapy in suitably selected cases.

How are the allergies diagnosed?

Allergies can be diagnosed in several ways. The doctor will discuss your symptoms and conduct a physical exam. If necessary, a blood and skin test will be done to find the causes of your allergic reactions. For instance, if you have rashes on your hands, the doctor will determine the reasons for the allergy by asking a couple of questions, such as the kind of food consumed and the products used, and will prescribe the medication accordingly.

How can the allergies be prevented?

The allergic reactions can be prevented depending on the kind of allergy you have. But some standard measures include the following:

  • Evade known triggers:Try to evade triggers even if you are taking treatment for your allergy symptoms. For example, if you are allergic to pollen, stay inside the house and keep the doors and windows closed when pollen levels are quite high in the atmosphere. Dust and vacuum and wash bedding often if you have an allergy to dust mites.
  • Maintain a diary: By maintaining a diary, you can help yourself and the doctor to identify the causes for allergic triggers. One can keep track of their activities such as the type of food consumed, activities done, etc. 
  • Wear a medical alert band:If you suffer from severe allergic reactions, wearing a medical band on your arm will help others know that you have a painful allergy condition and need immediate medical attention. This will be beneficial if you cannot communicate with others at that particular moment when you need help.

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