Sports Physical

Sports Physical

A sports physical is also known in the medical field as a pre-participation physical examination (PPE). These tests are conducted to decide if a child or an adult is in an excellent physical condition to participate in sports activities. Additionally, before anyone decides to start a new sport or exercise regime, they should ideally consult a sports healthcare expert to determine their fitness levels. 

However, it’s important not to confuse sports physical with a regular annual checkup. A sports physical focuses primarily on the health history that may directly impact a child’s ability to play a sport. Though a sports physical usually covers all the tests done in an annual physical examination, it also checks the child’s ability to play a sport requiring different levels of capabilities.

What is the significance of a Sports Physical?

A Sports Physical helps in the following manner:

  • A Sports Physical helps measure a student athlete’s general health conditions and present fitness level.
  • It aids in the screening of current illnesses and injuries, including life-threatening disorders.
  • An athlete’s risk of illness or injury could be detected with the help of a sports physical exam.
  • They ensure assistance for any chronic medical conditions so that they are suitably managed.
  • It also provides approaches to prevent injuries and consequently supports safe participation in sports.

What happens during a Sports Physical?

The Sports Physical exam is similar to an annual checkup, but with some extra things connected to playing sports. The examiner will concentrate on the health of your lungs, heart, bones, and joints. The details of the test include:

  • A Sports Physical Exam will measure your height and weight.
  • An athlete’s blood pressure and pulse are noted.
  • The vision in the eyes is checked as a sportsperson should have good vision.
  • A complete checkup of your heart, lungs, belly, ears, nose, and throat is carried out.
  • The joints are evaluated for their strength, flexibility, and posture.
  • The examiner may enquire about daily habits such as your diet, use of drugs, and supplements.
  • Your entire medical history is discussed to check if you have any pre-existing medical conditions which would require treatment.
  • An assessment of your mental health is also done to see if you suffer from any stress or anxiety due to performance expectations.
  • For girls, their menstrual history is also discussed to find out about any hormonal imbalances.
  • If the athlete is found to suffer from depression, the required expert may be suggested.

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