Things to Do to Prevent Dental Anxiety

Things to Do to Prevent Dental Anxiety

Posted by San Pedro Pediatric Medical Group on Mar 17 2022, 02:11 AM

A dental setting induces fear, anxiety, or stress in some people. Such people delay or avoid dental treatment. It might be needles, drills, or other dental equipment that trigger their anxiety. In some cases, dental anxiety is severe and causes irrational fear. 
But dental illnesses get worse if one skips dental visits. It later leads to more complex treatment. 

Causes of Dental Anxiety

People with dental anxiety experience sweating, lower blood pressure, visible distress, or a racing heartbeat. 
Dental anxiety might occur due to varying reasons. Some of them might have experienced traumatic dental care that resulted in fear of visiting the dentist. Fear of losing control, trust issues, and post-traumatic stress disorder are some other reasons why people skip dental visits.

How to Prevent Dental Anxiety

If you have dental anxiety, you can overcome your fear if the situation is managed quite well. You should be cared for and supported during your dental visits. It is crucial to let the dentist know if you encounter any level of anxiety. 

Deep breathing, meditation, listening to favorite music, and progressive muscle relaxation are some of the psychological techniques you can practice to overcome the fear of visiting the dentist.

The following could help you stay calm and relaxed in the chair: 

Be Open About Your Fears
One of the most effective ways to put down your anxiety is by having open and honest communication with the dentist. Once you express your dental fear, the dental team can give you a soothing experience. They take the time to go over every aspect of the treatment to ease your fears. 

Bring Someone
Bring someone whom you trust and know very well. Having such a person by your side in the dental room can make a huge difference. If that person is naturally calm and reassuring, it makes a world of difference. This step is proven to be effective for many anxious people.

Practice Self Care Ahead of Time
Getting a proper night's sleep before going to the clinic helps to make you calm and stay relaxed. Avoid caffeine as they make it much harder to feel calm in the chair. It is also good to practice deep breathing any time you feel anxious. 
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